Privacy Policy

Shibunkaku Group (hereinafter referred to as the “Group”) contributes to society through art and antiquarian book dealing business as well as through the publishing business.
The Group regards as its social responsibility the strict protection of personal information of customers collected in the process of conducting the said businesses. The same applies to the personal information of all staffs, including workers under a contract of employment, directors, auditors and temporary workers (hereinafter referred to as the “Staff”).
Recognizing that it is one of the most important activities of the Group companies to protect personal information, the Staff will make every effort to protect personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy as set forth below. This is crutial to the development of the business of the Group.

  1. In cases where any personal information must be acquired, the Group will properly acquire, use, entrust and supply said personal information only within the scope necessary for achievement of the specified purposes of use. The acquired personal information will not be used beyond the scope necessary for achievement of the specified purposes of use. Furthermore, measures will be taken for prevention of such utilization for unintended purposes.
  2. For the purpose of implementation of personal information protection, the Group establishes its “Privacy Policy” in strict compliance with “JIS Q15001”, laws and regulations concerning personal information protection, and guidelines set forth by the government and other rules. We properly handle, manage and continuously improve personal information protection under said Policy.
  3. In addition to providing training and education on personal information protection to the Staff, the Group designates a management supervisor for each department that handles personal information, and establishes rules for such handling, so as to ensure the proper management of personal information.
  4. The Group takes reasonable technical measures so as to prevent and correct any unauthorized access to, or any loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, deterioration or detriment of personal information. The Group also properly oversees any business operator to which the Group entrusts any personal information that has been received.
  5. The Group will respond properly to your complaints and consultations, as well as to any request for disclosure of your personal information. If you desire to have your personal information disclosed, please contact our complaints/consultation service. We will respond appropriately to your inquiry within a reasonable period of time, after confirming your identity.

July 1, 2014

Handling of Personal Information

The Group will handle any personal information received from you within the scope of the purposes of use detailed below.

  1. Provision of products and services, etc.
    The Group acquires and use personal information only in connection with utilization of our products and services by you, and termination of such utilization.
  2. Recruitment
    The Group acquires and use personal information provided by you in applying for any position in the Group, within the scope necessary for the screening and recruiting process.

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